Caution: Artistic Attempts Below

Final for Video & Animation class, an internal self portrait

Form & Content: For this project, Kim and I made a direct animation of different forms out of tobacco on top of a light box.  Working with tobacco was incredibly interesting because we were able to change the density and tone of the tobacco.  Although our project does not deal directly with content related to the forms, I believe there are some beautiful shapes and actions that occur.  This was my first time collaborating with Kim and we had such a great time working together, which shows inside of this video.  Enjoy our funky sounds.

Current Influences

I believe I am influenced by everything I see.  I take pieces of everything and anything to support my creativity.  My brain is constantly filtering what my eyes dissect, retaining the things I find beautiful.

Here are a few photographers I enjoy

Tom Young : http://www.tomyoungphoto.com/index.shtml

August Sander : http://augustsander.com/

Chris Burden